Per union guidelines,  the initial run of #WhileWeBreathe is now over.


Thank you to our audience for your wonderful feedback, your time, your donations and the word of mouth. 

We are currently working on ways to continue the #WhileWeBreathe protest.   Please join our mailing list to be the first to learn what’s next.  If you’d like to be involved, please let us know. 

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Our Mission

We are a group of BIPOC Artists and Allies, unconditionally committed to ending police and state brutality, institutionalized racism and the interrelated structural issues of racial and economic injustice, both in the broader world and in the theatre and entertainment industries.


These issues have been with us too long and are now tragically exacerbated by the corona virus pandemic.


We know that Black Lives Matter.


We are optimistic that this crux moment can bring reform and meaningful systemic change. We are motivated by the fierce energy of now.


We believe that as storytellers, we have an obligation to contribute to this moment. We have the platform and the freedom and the breath to speak truth to power and tell the stories that reveal the common truth in us all.


“I can’t breathe” cried George Floyd, cried Eric Garner and too many untold others before they were murdered.


We can breathe, and While We Breathe, we will use our breath to tell our stories, and use those stories to raise awareness, to raise funds and to make change.


Our words have power, they have fire, they have force.


While We Breathe: listen, learn, act.





While We Breathe came out of conversations that Producer and Writer Arvind Ethan David (Jagged Little Pill on Broadway, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency),  TV creator and Executive Producer Leigh Dana Jackson (Raising Dion, Foundation) and Broadway producer Brian Moreland (Blue, Sea Wall/A Life, The Sound Inside)  had over the final, sad days of May 2020. 




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